The closing ceremony and award ceremony of the “Fourth International Biennial of Packages” was held

The closing ceremony and award ceremony of the “Fourth International Biennial of Packages” was held and the best design and packaging of this event were introduced. The competition, which was held in 4 main groups with 9 specialized subgroups with the participation of participants from Iran and 16 countries around the world, reached the final stage by announcing the names and awarding a biennial statue and a plaque of appreciation to the winners. . The biennial nine-member jury consisted of three Iranian judges and six foreign judges from Thailand, India, Britain, the Netherlands, Italy and Oman.
In this ceremony, which was held on Thursday evening, March 26, at 5:00 PM in the Emerald Hall of Homa Hotel, more than 70 artists and design studios were honored.
 The Biennial of International Relations Packages announced a new chapter in cooperation with international awards if the country’s international situation improves.
The fourth biennial announced its 1400 call in September, and after receiving nearly 500 works from 17 countries, the jury finalized 293 works from 131 exhibitors. Nearly 100 works from 16 countries were submitted to the festival secretariat by 20 participants, most of whom were design studios. Artists from the United States, Japan, Italy, Spain, Argentina, Russia, Belarus, Poland, Hong Kong, Egypt, Greece, Armenia, Turkey, Mexico, Sweden and Vietnam participated in the 1400 biennial.

  • Part One | Products available in major markets / food and a variety of foods 

Second Choice | Mohsen Karimi for Behafarin saffron spray

Second Choice | Mohsen Karimi for saffron spray

Part Three | Packages with creative concepts Professional creative concepts

Selected third | Safflower Industrial Group Design Atelier for packing Hello nuts :

Manager of Atileh: Mohsen Karimi
Graphic designer: Parisa Elmi
Illustrator: Neda Basharkhah

Full text and see the works, refer to the following link:برندگان-دوسالانه-چهارم/

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